[Video] Constitutional Lawyer Testifies, Tears Apart the Maryland Gun Control Bill

April 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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In this video from the Maryland Minuteman Youtube channel, an unnamed constitutional lawyer rips apart Maryland’s new gun bill.

He does so on several fronts. He attacks the ambiguity of the law, the fact that it will make citizens, who as of today are otherwise law abiding, into criminals once the bill is signed, and being a constitutional lawyer he of course breaks down the reasons that this law is unconstitutional.

Both the Maryland House and Senate have approved bills which would ban “assault weapons”, limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds, strictly control ammo purchases and require fingerprinting for BUYING a weapon (many states don’t even require fingerprinting to openly carry a gun).

The two versions of the bill are slightly different and the

Apparently Maryland and Connecticut are in a race to see who can pass the most draconian gun laws the fastest.

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