[VIDEO] Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced in Kansas

January 23 2015
by GSL Staff
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As we get further and further into 2015 that means we are going to start seeing more and more action on gun rights (and unfortunately gun control) bills playing out in state legislatures.

It looks like the citizens of Kansas might be getting their carry rights expanded if a newly introduced bill successfully makes its way through the legislature.

According to local media reports:

Kansas legislators are likely to consider allowing people to carry concealed firearms without requiring a state permit.

Twenty-six of the Kansas Senate’s 40 members introduced a bill Wednesday to end the permitting requirement. The lead sponsor is Majority Leader and Nickerson Republican Terry Bruce.

Bruce said it makes sense to allow people to carry concealed guns without a permit because they already can carry firearms openly. He said the measure advances gun rights.

We’ll be following this bill, along with numerous others throughout the country, as the 2015 legislative sessions move along. Stay tuned.

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