[Video] Colorado Democrats Shoot Down Yet Another Pro-Gun Bill in State Legislature

February 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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I hope Colorado residents are paying attention to how Democrats are representing their Second Amendment rights at the state level. It’s almost as if lawmakers have forgotten that last year’s passage of sweeping gun control legislation in the state resulted in the three state senators losing their jobs (two due to recall, one force to resign due to impending recall).

After shooting down bills that would have nullified last year’s ineffective universal background check requirement and magazine capacity restrictions, Colorado Democrats have killed a bill that would have allowed certain people to carry firearms in schools for the protection of students. The vote in the Democrat controlled committee was along party lines.

Testimony was delivered by concerned citizens on both sides of the debate. According to ABC7 News,

Steve Reams was also caught in the crossfire of a shooting at his school in Amarillo, TX in 1993.

“I did not get shot,” he said, “but only by the grace of God.”

Reams, now a bureau chief at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, testified in favor of Humphrey’s bill saying that if a gunman enters a school, time is of the essence.

“Unless an officer is right there on school grounds when an incident breaks out, the likelihood of getting there in time to help the kids is quite difficult.”

Colorado Democrats would probably due well to remember what happened to a the Democratic majority at the national level in ’93-94 following a nationwide push for stricter gun laws. What’s that saying? Those who don’t learn from history…

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