[Video] Colion Noir Rips Universal Background Check (aka de facto registration) Legislation in Latest Video

March 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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NRA commentator Collion Noir released a new video in which he slams upcoming universal background check legislation (aka de facto registration).

Noir brings up the point that criminals STILL won’t have background checks done in their acquisition of guns.

Noted gun researcher, Dr. John Lott, pointed out in a recent article that almost all criminals get their weapons through theft, from family members or illegal purchases.

He also points out that the law is unenforceable without a national database of gun owners/guns.

We’ve been saying for months that even if the background check system was on the honor system, with no central database, a de facto registration still happens due to the Form 4473’s that are generated for each check.

Make no mistake, universal background checks only means more government interference on what you do with your own private property and are certainly the first step in a national gun registry.

Senate Democrats are expected to unveil their gun bill which will include universal background checks in the coming weeks.

Let your state senators know that you do not support any new gun legislation and specifically not a universal background check. Point out that such a system will costs hundreds of millions if not billions of tax payer dollars and is unenforceable without a national registry, which would likely be the next logical step.


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