[Video] BREAKING Democrat Missouri Gov May Not Sign School Carry Bill Overwhelmingly Passed by Legislature

May 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to statements made by Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri, he may not sign the bill which overwhelmingly passed by the state’s lawmakers. We reported on that passing yesterday.

The bill would allow educators and school administrators who possess a valid carry permit and who complete additional training to carry concealed firearms at school for the protection of themselves and students.

Following his initial remarks, the governor’s office did release a follow up statement

“As I do with all legislation that comes to my desk, I will give this bill a thorough and thoughtful review before making a final determination on what action to take. That review has not been completed and therefore no determination has been made.”

It sounds like the governor may not have his mind 100% made up yet.

Missouri residents can contact the governor’s office using their website:

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