Unlikely Allies – ACLU Speaks Out Against New Universal Background Check Bill

April 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Politics make for strange bed fellows.

In this case, the ACLU, seen by many supporters of the Second Amendment as sometimes less than friendly to gun rights, in an exclusive call with the Daily Caller, has spoken out against Harry Reid’s universal background check bill, which will be coming up in the Senate in coming weeks.

The ACLU says they aren’t against strict background checks, or even universal background checks, but they have reservations about this particular bill.

According to the Daily Caller,

“The first is that it treats the records for private purchases very differently than purchases made through licensed sellers. Under existing law, most information regarding an approved purchase is destroyed within 24 hours when a licensed seller does a [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] check now,” Calabrese said, “and almost all of it is destroyed within 90 days.”

The ACLU representative was also concerned that a national registry could be a next step in the legislation (we personally feel that just keeping the paperwork on the gun transfers in private sales creates a de facto registry).

“[U]nfortunately, we have seen in the past that the creation of these types of records leads sometimes to the creation of government databases and collections of personal information on all of us,” he warned. “That’s not an inevitable result, but we have seen that happen in the past, certainly.”

“As we’ve seen with many large government databases, if you build it, they will come.”

Hit the more detailed article at The Daily Caller for the full interview.

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