Supreme Court May Take on More Gun Cases This Week, Could Address Carry Rights

February 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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supreme_courtUSA Today has an article published earlier this week that talks about some of the potential gun cases the Supreme Court could be taking on this week when they meet on Friday to discuss their upcoming case load.

It is possible that the court would somehow address the carry of firearms outside of the home, however the cases currently presented to them may not allow any drastic rulings on that front.

So far, this court has been fairly pro-gun and it would be great to get some additional pro Second Amendment rulings on the books before the makeup of the court drastically changes.

Here is an excerpt from the USA Today article,

Guns will be on the table Friday when the Supreme Court meets in private conference to consider potential cases for next fall’s docket.

Just figuratively, of course. The petitions scheduled for potential discussion include three that challenge state or federal gun-control laws.

None of those cases directly raises the next big legal issue in the national debate over guns: whether the right to keep a gun at home for self-defense extends to public places. The justices could choose to take on that issue now, but it would be a stretch.

However, a federal appeals court panel’s divided ruling last week in a California case makes it more likely that the question of guns outside the home will be heading to the high court soon.

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