State Police Will Not Arrest Protestors in Washington State Who Openly Exchange Guns at Capitol

November 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last week we told you about the plans by Washington state protestors to meet at the state capitol and exchange guns as a mass protest of the state’s recently passed universal background check law.

Thousands of protestors are expected to show up the event and freely transfer, loan, buy, sell, and trade guns with other gun owners in protest of the law.

Some people expected mass arrests to accompany the demonstration, but that apparently won’t be the case.

According to,

Washington State Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins says troopers have no plans to arrest anyone.

“We’re not sure we can prove that’s a transfer under the law,” Calkins says. “And we really try to be very accommodating of people who come to the state capitol to express political opinions, engage in free speech.”

However, Calkins says the state patrol is asking demonstrators to practice “good firearm safety practices” by handling guns safely and not pointing them at others or intimidating people.

Calkins says the state patrol doesn’t expect any problems. But troopers will be on hand to monitor the protest and step in if protesters do other things that violate the law or intimidate other capitol visitors.

Of course, this demonstration highlights one of the biggest problems with a universal background check law – it’s simply not enforceable without a registration system. How do you know who previously and currently owns a firearm if there is no registration? Please note, I am not condoning registration, I am pointing out how one piece of gun control legislation leads to another, and another, and another.

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