Pennsylvania Hunters Push to Legalize Semi-Auto Rifles for Hunting

June 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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Pennsylvania has some pretty strict hunting laws compared to the rest of the country. The state is one of only two states that completely outlaws the use of semi-auto firearms for hunting, but that might be changing soon.

According to TRIBLIVE,

Indeed, Pennsylvania is one of just two states nationwide — Delaware is the other — that completely prohibits semiautomatic rifles for hunting.

Several state lawmakers, all Republicans from western Pennsylvania, are trying to change that.

House Bill 2333, introduced by Rep. Rick Saccone of Allegheny County, would legalize semiautomatics for all hunting, provided the guns were limited to carrying 10 rounds. House Bill 2230, sponsored by Rep. Greg Lucas of Crawford County, would legalize the rifles for hunting coyotes, foxes and woodchucks but limit the guns to calibers no bigger than .223 and to magazines containing no more than six rounds.

Senate Bill 1402, sponsored by Sen. Scott Hutchinson of Butler County, would allow semiautomatics to be used for hunting coyotes and woodchucks. It makes no mention of caliber or magazine capacity but would prohibit use of the guns when varmint seasons overlap with those for deer, bear and turkey.

“Pennsylvania’s the anomaly on this issue,” said Justin Leventry, chief of staff for Hutchinson, who introduced his bill after hearing from Jacoby. “This would provide some additional options for hunters.”

The issue, of course, is that many gun owners invest significant money, as well as time, in platforms such as the AR-15, AR-10 and other semi-auto platforms which are perfectly suitable for hunting and are also configured in semi-auto.

Hopefully, the PA legislature will realize the issue at hand and make a correction.

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