New York Might Soon Start Treating Gun Offenders the Same as Sex Offenders With Notification System

August 22 2014
by GSL Staff
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Everyone know that certain sex offenders have to notify their neighbors about their past and they can be located in readily available in online databases.

However, it’s looking like New York City is set to apply the same type of behavior to gun offenders.

According to DNA Info New York,

New Yorkers could receive an alert whenever a new gun offender moves into their neighborhood if a bill being introduced in the City Council Thursday gets approved.

The bill would make the NYPD’s gun offender registry available to the public in a searchable database where people could sign up to receive an email alert if a gun offender moved into their neighborhood in the hope of reducing the recent rise in shootings citywide.

Under the law, the gun offenders’ name and street will be listed along with a recent photograph, a physical description, the date of the gun crime and sentencing information.

Keep in mind that simply owning a gun without the proper paperwork in New York City would be enough to put you on that registry.

Good idea? Bad idea? Are New York’s gun laws too dumb in the first place?

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