NC Expands Gun Carry Rights to Colleges, Bars – Liberal Media Freaks Out

July 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_holsterA new NC law was recently passed which will expand areas that residents with a carry permit can legally take their firearms.

Residents will now be able to legally carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, bars and playgrounds. Carriers can also leave their guns in their cars while on school campuses.

Not really sure why were playgrounds off-limits in the first place, this is already legal in most every state that has concealed or open carry. Bars and alcohol serving restaurants are a mixed bag, with about half of states allowing carriers in those places and half not. Some also have additional restrictions regarding carry where alcohol is served.

Bottom line, in states that do allow bar and restaurant carry, there is not an increased number of shootings in these areas.

Leave it to the liberal media to freak out over the expansion though. One MSNBC reporter said, tongue in cheek,

Really wish you could take a gun with you on your next visit to the public playground with your kids? Then you might want to consider a move to North Carolina.

This happens every time there is an expansion of carry rights in a state. Anti-gunners freak out, saying there will be blood in the streets, however, that never happens.

I’m not sure anti-gunners realize it, but there are several states which allow firearm carry without any sort of license whatsoever. There are several states that allow students to carry concealed guns on college campuses (with a permit). There are several states that even allow carry into the state capitol building. Guess what? None of those states have blood running in the streets. There are no mass shootings at any of those locations in any of those states.

Just remember, the next time there is a debate on where people can carry a gun, there is already somewhere in the US that allows carry there (well, maybe not jails/prisons) and things are going just fine in those places.

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