Maine Begins Debate On Constitutional Carry

April 2 2015
by Sam Cadle
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In the coming days Maine is about to begin debating a bill on constitutional carry.  Maine would be joining Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming in the club that doesn’t require government permission slips to carry a firearm concealed.  From several different sources it appears as if this bill has a chance at passage as well. With both Democrats and Republicans co-sponsoring the bill.

While I am sure that the same tired arguments will be made against constitutional carry.  But as several states have now shown, those arguments are not really valid.  You still can’t buy a firearm, carry a firearm or even possess a firearm if you are ineligible.  The eyes on the national gun rights stage are going to be on Maine in the coming weeks as this bill is debated and voted on.

Kansas has also joined the states that are going to be constitutional carry states, with the bill being signed by Gov. Brownback yesterday.  The law will go into effect July 1 and scraps their training and licensing requirements.

April 8th is the first debate on the bill and I will do an update for that!


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