Kansas City, MO Unanimously Votes to Ban Open Carry

August 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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Kansas City, MO made a move this week to outlaw the practice of openly carrying a firearm in public, for now anyway.

According to The Kansas City Star,

At Mayor Sly James’ urging, the City Council voted 9-0 Thursday to ban the “open carry” of firearms, saying Kansas City doesn’t need any more weapons on the streets.

“This is not an environment where we need to have everyone armed to the teeth,” James told his colleagues.

This is sort of a moot point as Missouri’s new preemption law is expected to pass a veto override vote in September. Also from The Star,

That’s because the Missouri General Assembly has already approved a bill prohibiting cities from banning open carry for gun permit holders. Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill, but the legislature holds its veto override session Sept. 10, and the bill’s sponsor is confident.

“We should have the votes to override,” said Missouri Sen. Will Kraus, a Republican from eastern Jackson County.

I guess the leaders in Kansas City are happy to waste taxpayer resources to pass a measure they know will be overturned in order to pay lip service to the anti-gun lobby.

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