Iowa: Strong Support For Pro Silencer Bill in State House

February 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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Heckler_Koch_MP5From the NRA-ILA:

NRA-supported House File 384, authored by state Representative Matt Windschitl (R-17), passed in the House Judiciary Committee yesterday by a strong, bipartisan 17-4 vote.  HF 384 would legalize the ownership of firearm sound suppressors, also referred to as “silencers,” in Iowa.  Your NRA has been working with both chambers of the state legislature to enact a bill this session to make this improvement for firearm owners, shooters and sportsmen.  The passage of HF 384 in the House Judiciary Committee is a step forward for Iowans, but this legislation will need your support as it moves to the House floor for consideration, which could occur as soon as next week.  Please contact your state Representative and encourage him or her to SUPPORT House File 384.  To find your state Representative, click here.  To reach your state Representative by phone, call the House switchboard at (515) 281-3221.

Currently illegal to own under Iowa law, suppressors are legal to own under federal law and in 39 states.  While they do not eliminate the sound of a firearm, suppressors do reduce the muzzle report of the gun much in the same way that a muffler reduces exhaust noise from a car or truck.

There are numerous benefits associated with the use of suppressors, including increased accuracy due to reduced recoil and muzzle blast, protection from hearing damage and reduced noise pollution.  Noise complaints are being used more frequently as an excuse to close shooting ranges, informal shooting areas and hunting lands throughout the country.  Increased use of suppressors will help to eliminate many of these complaints and protect hunting and shooting areas well into the future.  Suppressors are an effective means of reducing hearing loss among shooters.  The facts are clear.  Iowans deserve the freedom to choose and use these beneficial safety devices.

Please thank the the following committee members for their vote in favor of this measure:

Representative Chip Baltimore (R-47), Chairman

Representative Megan Hess (R-2), Vice Chairman

Representative Mary Lynn Wolfe (D-98), Ranking Member

Representative Dwayne Alons (R-4)

Representative Mark Brandenburg (R-15)

Representative Dave Dawson (D-14)

Representative Tedd Gassman (R-7)

Representative Stan Gustafson (R-25)

Representative Chris Hagenow (R-43)

Representative Greg Heartsill (R-28)

Representative David E. Heaton (R-84)

Representative Bobby Kaufmann (R-73)

Representative Brian Meyer (D-33)

Representative Rick Olson (D-31)

Representative Todd Prichard (D-52)

Representative Matt W. Windschitl (R-17)

Representative Gary Worthan (R-11)

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