Illinois Lawmaker Wants to Make it Illegal to Print 3D Guns Without FFL License

February 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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3dgunIt’s currently legal under federal law to make a firearm for personal use without any sort of registration, ATF paperwork or serial number (please make sure you understand all applicable laws before attempting this, I am not a lawyer).

However, one state lawmaker from Illinois wants to change this in regards to 3D printers.

According to CBS Chicago,

“A gun is a gun; it doesn’t matter if it’s built on an assembly line or in a 3-D printer. New technology has created a loophole and this plan closes it,” state Sen. Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) said in a news release.

Silverstein introduced the proposed ban on 3-D printing of firearms in the Illinois Senate last week. Under the measure, only someone with a Federal Firearms License could manufacture guns with a 3-D printer.

Over the last couple of years, 3D printing technology has really started to take off. Several functional firearms have been made nearly completely out of plastic parts using a 3D printer.

One manufacturer even used an industrial 3D printer to produce an all metal 1911 that was 100% 3D printed.

Are 3D printed guns so much of a problem in Illinois that taxpayer dollars should be spent to regulate them. I’m going to go ahead and say no.

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