Gun Debate Heats up in Colorado as Bill to Repeal Last Year’s Gun Control is Debated in Senate

February 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last year Colorado passed several gun control laws that many were surprised to see come out of a traditionally pro-gun state.

ColoradoThe state legislature, led by Democrats, passed laws limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds, requiring background checks for all private firearms transactions and require in-person training for carry permits.

Those laws resulted in the successful recall of two state senators, both Democrats, who supported the new laws. A third state senator, Evie Hudak, was forced to resign her seat when it became clear she would also likely be recalled.

Now, as a new legislative session ramps up, we see the gun debate coming to the forefront again. Today, debate will begin on a bill that would repeal the private sales background check requirement.

The bill is not expected to clear the Democrat controlled committee. However, supporters of the bill are hoping the state senate will at least let the bill get out of committee so that voters can see how lawmakers stand on the issue ahead of November’s elections.

According to,

“I don’t think anyone has any real delusions that it will actually pass and get a full repeal,” Head said. “What we’d like to do is at least let it out of committee and hear what our representatives and senators feel about it. See if their minds have changed, if the summer has swayed their opinion…”

…Senate President Morgan Carroll is a Democrat from Aurora who took the leadership post after former Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, was ousted from office.

“The majority of Coloradans, Americans, NRA members and people from all political parties support the use of criminal background checks before acquiring a firearm,” Carroll said. “It is strange to me that they would run a bill to make it easier for convicted criminals to get access to prohibited weapons.”

I guess Carroll never got the memo that the NRA’s own member polls show that their members, in fact, do not support such laws just doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t want to let the facts get in the way of a good talking point.

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