GOP Super Majority in Missouri Fails to Pass Pro Gun Bill

September 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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What good is a super-majority if you can’t even override the veto of your Democratic governor?

According to NBC,

The Republican-led Senate voted 22-12 to override the bill, falling one vote short of the two-thirds majority needed. Earlier in the day, the Republican-controlled House voted 109-49 to override the bill, reaching exactly the required number.

Earlier this year Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a bill that would have nullified federal gun laws in the state and prevented enforcement of federal gun laws within the state.

The bill would have also lowered the age for handgun carry to 19 as well as allowed certain school staff members to carry guns in schools (with the proper training).

It is thought that the part of the bill dealing with federal gun law nullification would have most likely been defeated in court, as similar laws passed in other states have already met that same fate. Also, the state Attorney General, who would have had the duty of defending the bill, was against it.

However, the school carry and carry age changes were both positive pro-gun changes that could have been made.

Republicans say they won’t give up, but short of a change in the governor’s office it’s hard to see what other options they have.

“The fight ain’t over. We’ll be back to visit it again and again,” said Republican Sen. Brian Nieves.

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