Democrats Divided on Gun Control – Joe Manchin Speaks Out Against Bloomberg, Others

May 7 2013
by GSL Staff
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In a recent interview, WV Democrat Joe Manchin, author of the background check legislation that was narrowly defeated in the Senate last month, showed the division between different groups of pro gun control Democrats and also laid out some of his future plans for his background check legislation.

First, Manchin tries to say he understands how gun owners feel any new gun legislation, no matter how minor, will just be the first step in even more coming legislation (that is true). He then slams New York City Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns for spending millions of dollars to attack moderate Democrats who voted against the legislations. Many Democrats feel these attacks could result in the Democrats losing their control of the Senate if an incumbent Senator is defeated in a primary.

It is no secret that many Democrats, who tend to be far more liberal than Manchin want to either ban or greatly restrict gun rights (see No One Wants to Ban or Confiscate Guns huh? These Quotes from Anti Gun Leaders Say Otherwise)

Machin says he will continue to push for his background check legislation in upcoming legislative sessions.

The Republican co-author of the bill Pat Toomey has publicly said he has no interest in further pursuing the legislation, but Manchin insists his Republican counterpart is still interested in the bill.

All in all I think this points to the fact that Democrats are divided on how much gun control they want and the more fanatical Democrats who would outright ban guns given the opportunity are certainly not helping the Democrats cause with moderates.

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