Democratic Senator Says Federal Magazine Ban Still In Play in Senate

April 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to, Richard Blumenthal, the Senior Democratic Senator from Connecticut A “sensible compromise” can still be reached on gun-control legislation in the Senate, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said on Sunday, saying the “shock and terror of Newtown” was still a major motivating factor for lawmakers.

The Connecticut Democrat said that he intended to spearhead an amendment on high-capacity magazines when gun control comes before the Senate.

“The majority leader has assured me… that we can offer amendments on both the assault weapons ban and the prohibition on high-capacity magazines,” Blumenthal said. “So there will be votes.”

Some Republican senators, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, have pledged to filibuster any new gun legislation in the Senate.

Any gun control bill that happens to pass the Senate is likely to face fierce opposition in the Republican controlled House, and may not even see a vote. However, it is still important to let your Senators know you support NO new gun legislation, including universal background checks (aka de facto registration).

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