CT Begins Sending Out Letters to Gun Owners – “Surrender, Destroy or Sell Your ‘Assault Weapons'”

February 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE, The Blaze released the following update to this story this week,

A spokesperson with the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection told TheBlaze that a letter has been drafted to send to gun owners who are found to be in possession of unregistered semi-automatic rifles deemed illegal by the state’s new gun control law. However, “not a one” letter has been sent out so far.

The spokesperson, who didn’t want to identify herself, refused to comment on the content of the draft letter. When we asked what other action the state plans to take against owners of unregistered so-called “assault rifles, the spokesperson said we should contact the governor’s office because that’s where they get their orders from.

No_GunWell, who didn’t see this one coming. It looks like some gun owners in Connecticut who tried to register their “assault weapons” (that’s the state of CT’s actual term for these firearms), but missed the deadline are now getting letters instructing them to destroy or surrender their firearms.

According the letter, posted on several message boards and online media sources, residents who failed to register their firearms must now take the following action:

1. Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable.
2. Sell the assault weapon to a licensed gun dealer.
3. Remove the assault weapon from the state; or
4. You may make arrangements to relinquish the assault weapon to a police department or to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Those all sound like super fun options. So far, it looks like only owners who tried to register their firearms, but missed the deadline are getting the letters.

However, Connecticut has its own database of gun owners so it will be interesting to see if they start sending out letters to people who didn’t make an attempt to register their firearms at all.

According to some reports, tens of thousands of residents likely made no attempt to register their firearms or standard capacity magazines either due to ignorance of the law or acts of civil disobedience.

Here is a copy of the letter in question.


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