Colorado Senate Voted to Repeal Gun Control Law, but Not One of the Ones You’re Thinking Of

February 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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ColoradoI’m pretty sure the Colorado State Senate voted in favor of this bill just so they could say they voted in favor of at least one pro-gun bill before election time.

For weeks now we’ve been reporting on how the Colorado Democrats in the state legislature have struck down pro-gun bill after pro-gun bill. This is despite the fact that recall efforts forced three state senators out of office last year.

Well, it looks like they finally passed a sort of pro-gun bill in the Senate.

What does this bill do exactly? From CBS Denver,

The bill would undo a 1969 law that says Coloradans may purchase, but not take possession of, a shotgun or rifle unless they buy it in Colorado or a contiguous state.

The provision means that some out-of-state rifle purchases require a transfer to a gun dealer before the Colorado owner can take possession. The law predates federal regulation on interstate gun transfers.

So yeah, there you go. Assuming this bill makes it to the governor’s desk and he signs it into law, Colorado residents will be able to purchase rifles in other states, just like nearly every other citizen in nearly every other state can.

When these Democrats say they voted in favor or pro-gun bills leading up to the November elections, keep in mind how little their votes actually did to expand gun rights in Colorado.

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