Colorado Lawmakers Move to Repeal Gun Control Laws on First Day of State Legislative Session

January 8 2015
by GSL Staff
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Colorado lawmakers haven’t wasted any time in their efforts to repeal Colorado’s magazine capacity limit and the state’s universal background check laws.

Republican lawmakers introduced two new bills yesterday which would repeal both of the controversial laws passed by lawmakers last year.

The laws were directly responsible for the successful recall of two Colorado lawmakers who supported the bills and resulted in the resignation of a third Democrat facing another recall.

Republicans took control of the Colorado Senate during the midterm elections while Democrats still hold a narrow lead in the General Assembly.

HB 15-1050 would repeal the state’s universal background check law which requires background checks for all gun transfers, even private ones. The state is currently facing a lawsuit over the law and Colorado sheriffs have previously described the law as unenforceable.

HB 15-1009 would repeal the state law which bans the sale of new standard capacity magazines with capacities over 15 rounds.

Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper narrowly won reelection during the midterms and it is unclear if he would sign legislation to repeal the laws if it reached his desk. The Governor has been somewhat flakey on the issues in the past. He initially supported and signed both laws before later stepping back his support slightly.

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