Cleveland, OH Mayor Proposes Law to Limit Gun Purchases to 1 Per 90 Days and Other Restrictions

June 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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The mayor of Cleveland, OH, Frank Jackson, has introduced a package of local gun control laws that he says will help to curb violent crime in the city.

According to Straight From City Hall, the proposed restrictions include,

 – A Gun Offender Registry.  Anyone convicted of a gun offense will be required to register with the police within 48 hours of sentence or release.  The registration will include identifying information, including name, addresses of residence, work, and school, drivers’ license or ID card, and description of offense. [Registrant must follow up with police once per year.] The offender must stay on the registry for four years after the initial registration.

 – Prohibiting Transferring a Firearm to a Known Felon.  No person shall negligently sell or transfer a firearm to a known felon.

 – Prohibiting the Improper Discharge of a Firearm at City Parks, Playgrounds or Recreation Centers. No person shall discharge a firearm upon the grounds of any park, playground, or recreation center owned by the City.

 – Improperly Providing Access to Firearms to a Minor. No person shall leave a weapon so as to allow access to the weapon by a minor.

 – Reporting Lost or Stolen Firearms.  A firearm owner who discovers or should have discovered that a firearm in his possession is missing must report the loss or theft to law enforcement within 48 hours.

 – Reporting the Transfer of Firearms.  Except for transfers involving a licensed gun dealer, no person shall sell or transfer a firearm without reporting the sale or transfer to the police.

 – Limiting Firearm Purchases to One per Person every 90 days.  No person shall purchase or otherwise acquire more than one firearm within a 90-day period.  No person shall sell or otherwise transfer a firearm to any person who has purchased or acquired another firearm within the preceding 90-day period.

The most disturbing of these is certainly the gun offender registry (what exactly constitutes a gun offense?), the minor access law (we have numerous stories in our self defense database that show minors properly trained on how to use a gun have successfully defended themselves and their families), and the 1 gun purchase per 90 day law.

These measures, if passed, will be fought by gun rights activists in Ohio. According to WKYC,

Buckeye Firearms Association Chair Jim Irvine says many of Jackson’s ideas won’t stand up in court. The organization’s Foundation side that handles education and litigation is prepared to sue the city like it did in 2010, if necessary.

Irvine says the group is focused on reducing innocent deaths, but he does not believe Jackson’s plan attack the heart of the issue.

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