Chris Christie Administration Proposes Tightening Gun Regulations for NJ Gun Dealers

January 7 2015
by GSL Staff
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chris christie

If Chris Christie is hoping to win over pro-gun conservatives in the hopes of making a 2016 White House run this is probably a terrible move.

The Christie administation has just unveiled new proposed regulations for firearms dealers and manufacturers in the Garden State.

According to

The new rules would require dealers to immediately notify state and local police if their security systems fail. If a system cannot be fixed within 24 hours, the dealer may move the guns to another licensed location with approval of the State Police.

The proposal would require no guns or ammunition be stored at a location other than the licensed premises without permission from State Police. Also, dealers would have to report lost or stolen guns within 24 hours, down from the current 48 hours.

Other changes include requiring dealers and manufacturers to make gun records available for inspection to State Police, and prohibiting anyone on the Terror Watch List from being issued a permit to purchase a handgun or firearms identification card…

Sounds like another way to make it harder to do business in the gun industry in New Jersey.

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