California Lawmakers Pass Semi Auto Rifle Ban and Pass Strictest Gun Control in Country

September 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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California lawmakers were apparently unfazed by the decisive recall of two Colorado state senators who supported gun control earlier this week.

The state legislature went ahead with passing some of the strictest gun control laws ever seen in the United States at the state level.

The bills, heading for the governor’s desk now, would ban all semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines, completely ban all magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, ban magazine repair kits, and require extensive registration and documentation on ALL guns.

These restrictions are some of the tightest in the country, especially in regards to the semi-auto rifle ban.

It is unknown if the ban will survive a lawsuit applying the Supreme Court Heller Decision to it, which does allow states some control over guns, but places limitations on what is reasonable for a state to do.

Second Amendment activists on the ground in the Golden State aren’t giving up their fight quite yet. They are still hoping that California governor Jerry Brown might step up with a veto of the controversial bills.

The passage of the bills come on the heels of the recall of two Colorado State Senators who were staunch gun control supporters in the state earlier this year.

That election was seen by many to be a national referendum on gun control. Despite being outspent by 5-1 by some estimates, due in part to six-figure donations from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun billionaires, the recall effort succeeded.

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