BREAKING: White House and ATF Teaming Up to Propose New Gun Control Executive Actions

November 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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wh_atfAccording to a report by The Hill, The White House and ATF are teaming up to draft new regulations that would put additional burdens on gun manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

While the proposed new regulations aren’t yet public, they will likely deal with making everyone involved in the retail gun supply chain spend more time checking on the locations and status of all firearms.

Supposedly, this will help cut down on thefts and stolen guns being used in crimes.

According to The Hill,

Currently, gun dealers with a federal license are required to tell federal agents after they discover a firearm has gone missing, but they aren’t required to do routine checks.

“They can discover a gun missing today and have no idea when it went missing, which really makes that information useless to law enforcement,” said Chelsea Parsons, associate director of crime and firearms policy at the Center for American Progress.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like there is any talk to prevent the ATF from selling guns to drug cartels or losing machine guns during botched operations.

Whatever these regulations end up being, one thing is certain, they will likely create additional burdens and “gotchas” for gun manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Those businesses are already subject to an enormous amount of regulation and red tape.

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