BREAKING: Texas Governor Elect Greg Abbott Will Sign Open Carry Bill!

November 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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It looks like the long fight for open carry in Texas has a great chance to come to an end under Greg Abbott’s governorship.

Just a day after becoming the governor elect for one of the country’s most powerful states, Abbott has announced that he will sign an open carry bill if it reaches his desk during a post election day press conference.

Via CBS News DFW:

If this gets done during the next Texas legislative session it would end what many see as a glaring issue with Texas’ gun carry laws. Currently, Texas only allows concealed carry of handguns with a permit.

While it’s looking like Texas will get open carry soon, it is unclear if the measure will be constitutional open carry (no permit required) or if the carry permit will still be part of the package. That will be an issue for the legislature to work out (I think you can guess which one I support).

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