BREAKING: Senate Democrats Abandoning Gun Control Efforts for Rest of 2013

August 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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Reid ObamaAccording to a NY Daily News article, Senate Democrats, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are abandoning their efforts to pass universal background checks and other gun control measures for the remainder of 2013.

According to the article, Harry Reid, in a meeting with anti-gun group “Moms Demand Action,” made it clear gun control wasn’t a high priority for lawmakers this year.

In a meeting Thursday with a pro-gun-control group, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said budget battles looming this fall will make it impossible to enact the background-check measure that failed to pass in April.

“I think sometime next year we’ll revisit that issue. I’m almost certain of it,” Reid (D-Nev.) told the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, according to a reporter for The Nation who was allowed to sit in on the meeting.

Democrats made a big push on gun control back in April, proposing a number of bills and amendments. However, none of those could secure the 60 votes needed to pass a GOP filibuster.

Even the “bi-partisan” authored universal background check bill, which many Democrats saw as being a weak, watered down bill, didn’t pass. There is also the issue that anything that passed the Senate would still have to make it through the GOP controlled House of Representatives.

The backing off on the gun control issue could be due to lack of support, or Democrats could see the writing on the wall. In recent weeks we have seen a Reoublican take a Connecticut State House seat which had been under Democratic control for 40 years. Gun control was reportedly an issue in that special election. We’ve also seen two Colorado state senators who are going to have to defend their seats in a recall election in September.

Are Democrats running scared on the gun control issue?

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