BREAKING: Massive Pro Gun Bill (Safe Carry Protection Act) Passes Georgia House of Representatives

February 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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SONY DSCHB 875, a pro-gun bill that greatly expands and clarified carry rights in Georgia has passed the Georgia State House of Representatives today. The bill passed the House 119-56.

In its current form, the bill (HB 875, also called the “Safe Carry Protection Act”) would allow carry permit holders to carry into places of worship, bars, some government buildings, and removes the requirement to pay for fingerprints again when renewing a permit.

The bill also includes provisions for allowing designated persons to be armed on school campuses.

Further, the bill also clarified that the government has no power to regulate or confiscate firearms during times of emergency.

The bill also clarifies and improves several other items that were inconsistent and/or vague under the current carry laws.

Now the bill must pass the State Senate. Last year, the Senate was not very motivated to take a vote on any pro gun bills. Last year’s pro-gun legislation died there.

Governor Nathan Deal has indicated that he would sign any bills that would expand or protect gun rights.

Of course, the anti-gun crowd are preaching the normal “blood in the streets” and “wild west” mantras in the media. In particular they seem to be upset about the bar carry and church carry components. However, currently licensed carriers can already carry into restaurants that serve alcohol and into bars with the owner’s permission. The new law would also allow churches, just like every other piece of private property in Georgia to control if people carried there or not.

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