BREAKING: GA Senate Pass Massive Pro-Gun Bill

March 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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ga flag georgiaThe GA Senate, in a late night session, passed HB60, the massive pro-gun bill in GA.

The bill was previously HB875, but the Senate gutted the bill and watered it down in committee, before it reached the senate floor. In order to counteract this process, the House attached the full language to a bill, HB60, which was previously passed by the Senate. This sent the bill directly to the senate floor.

The bill was passed by the senate with a vote 37 – 18.

The bill covers carrying firearms in bars, churches and government buildings, clarifies some confusing existing wording in the law, and makes the carry permit renewal process more streamlined and faster.

The senate did add an amendment to the bill which would allow the use of suppressors during hunting. These means the bill will now go back to the House once again and they must pass it by midnight on Thursday in order to send it to the Governor’s desk. The senate also added an amendment that forces churches to “opt-in” to allow carry. The house wanted churches to be opt-out.

We’ll have to wait and see if these amendments are enough to kill the bill when it goes back to the House.

It’s possible the GA House and Senate will have to have a conference committee in which members of both legislative bodies meet in a committee to come up with a compromise to the bill.

More details to come once the full bill is posted online.

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