BREAKING: GA House Pulls Brilliant Legislative Maneuver to Help Pass Pro Gun Bill

March 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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ga flag georgiaThings are getting weird in Georgia. We’ve ran a couple of stories on on HB 875, the pro-gun bill in Georgia that would greatly expand carry rights, make the renewal of carry permits easier and help protect Second Amendment rights in general.

So far, the GA House has been overwhelmingly supportive of pro-gun bills. HB 875 was passed 119-56 last month in the House and went on to the Senate. However, due to some weird goings on in the Senate, it looked like the bill was set to be gutted or stalled in the Senate committee process.

The State Senate has been bad about not actually bringing up sweeping gun rights bills for floor votes the last couple of years. It looks like the House finally got tired of this nonsense and at the exact same time the Senate was holding a committee hearing on HB 875, the House voted to attach the entire language of the bill to HB 60, which is a bill that addresses judges carrying firearms.

The Senate already passed a form of that bill, which means when it goes back to the Senate, it will bypass the committee process altogether, forcing an actual floor vote in the Senate.

If the Senate insists on their version of the bill, the process will go to a conference committee, which includes both House and Senate representatives.

At minimum Georgia residents will be able to hold their state senators accountable for their votes on a major pro-gun bill.

Bravo to the GA House for using the legislative tools at their disposal to finally force the Senate’s hand.

Also, I’ll ask again, why is the Georgia State Senate so hesitant to vote on and pass pro-gun legislation?

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