BREAKING: Chris Christie Vetoes One Gun Bill – More to Come?

July 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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Credit: Bob Jagendorf (CC License)According to, Chris Christie has vetoed at least one of the proposed New Jersey gun control bills that passed the state legislature.

The bill would have prevented the investment of state pension and retirement funds in companies that manufacture or sell guns (most gun companies are currently returning record profits, and their stock prices are reflecting that).

Christie vetoed the legislation on the grounds of fiscal conservatism, saying the bill would have costed taxpayers millions of dollars.

If Christie is going to go the route of vetoing any gun control bills that will cost money, it stands to reason there is a good chance he will veto the other bills that are upcoming as well due to the fact that any new gun legislation is always going to be costly to enforce. Enforcement of new gun bills includes the costs to train law enforcement on the new laws as well as spending law enforcement and prosecutorial resources on pursuing violators.

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