BREAKING: California Might Outright BAN 3D Printers to Prevent 3D Printable Guns From Being Produced

May 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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The above video has lawmakers in a tizzy across the country. Defense Distributed has made the world’s first gun produced with a 3D printer, which is (in layman’s terms) a piece of technology which turns various blocks of plastic/polymer into real world objects using computer loaded blueprints.

Defense Distributed released their 3D printer plans publicly and they have already been downloaded over 100,000 times.

According to a statement made by California state lawmaker Leland Yee he will be introducing legislation to ban 3D printed guns.

Since it’s already illegal to posses an unregistered handgun in California we aren’t sure what he has in mind other than possibly banning civilian ownership of 3D printers. Based on past legislation introduced by Yee we know he really likes to ban things.

Here is part of a statement from his official website:

“While I am as impressed as anyone with 3-D printing technology and I believe it has amazing possibilities, we must ensure that it is not used for the wrong purpose with potentially deadly consequences,” said Yee. “I plan to introduce legislation that will ensure public safety and stop the manufacturing of guns that are invisible to metal detectors and that can be easily made without a background check.”

The firearm designs for the gun known as “The Liberator” can be instantly downloaded and printed anonymously with nothing in place to screen and prevent felons and criminals. The firearm, made using a 3-dimensional printer, has already been able to successfully fire .380 caliber bullets. The new technology has been used to manufactures assault weapon parts, including high-capacity magazines and lower receivers.

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