BREAKING: Anti Gun Groups to Announce Plan to Take Gun Control to Voting Ballots

April 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to a POLITICO article, gun control advocates are preparing to bypass Congress on gun control.

Due to some polls, which put some support for expanded background checks at 90% (See 90% Support Background Checks DEBUNKED) gun control advocates feel they may have better luck getting ballot initiatives onto state and local ballots.

However, as POLITICO points out, these campaigns can often be extremely expensive. With the exception of New York City Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, anti gun efforts are generally less funded than pro gun groups.

I’d be really curious to see the results of this. Gun owners as a whole tend to have a much higher voter turnout than the general population. Gun owners are also more likely to vote based on gun rights. Only 4% of respondents polled in a recent Gallup poll said gun control was an important issue facing our country. This could point to the fact that the population as a whole may have an opinion on gun control, but very few actually think that changing gun laws is important.

Keep an eye on this and be ready to become active at the state level should one of these ballot measures creep up in your area.

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