All Washington D.C. Gun Owners To Be Fingerprinted To Renew Gun Registration

November 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.33.18 AMLiving in a fairly gun friendly state, I can’t imagine the restrictions some of you in places like D.C. have to put up with.

According to the Washington Post’s Emily Miller, gun owners in D.C. might be getting the full criminal treatment when they renew their gun registration this year.

From Miller’s article,

The 1,800 or so criminals who have killed, robbed or assaulted innocent people with guns in the District of Columbia so far this year were hauled into the police station to be fingerprinted, photographed and to undergo a criminal-background check.

Now, legal gun owners who have committed no crime are getting the exact same treatment. That is neither constitutional, nor fair.

The latest gun-control scheme that starts on Jan. 1 will force every legal firearm owner in the nation’s capital to go in person to police headquarters to renew their registration certificates.

The Metropolitan Police Department filed proposed rules last week to enact this absurd law, and citizens have until Dec. 15 to comment on the regulations.

Miller has already proved through her Emily Gets Her Gun articles that D.C. gun laws are obviously setup to make it so hard, time consuming and expensive to register a legal gun that people will be discouraged from doing so.

These new regulations only further the agenda of keeping as many people as possible disarmed in our nation’s capitol.

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