Gun Control of the Future – Control Through Taxation

April 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Gun owners are already one of the most highly taxed groups of citizens in the country. We have normal sales tax, the cost for licensing to either carry or own a gun depending on state, and if you want the barrel on your rifle to be 14.5″ instead of 16″, well you better send the ATF $200 and wait six months for your tax stamp.

The relatively few numbers of NFA items (short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and silencers/suppressors) compared to the number of gun owners show that expensive taxes and complex paperwork is certainly a deterrent to ownership.

Now, it looks like local municipalities and states all over the country are using their power to levy taxes to attack law abiding gun owners. While outright handgun and carry bans at the local/state level are being repeatedly struck down in the courts, many localities are going the taxation route to reduce the number of legal (notice I said legal) gun owners. While the courts have been pretty good about siding with the Second Amendment lately, it is unlikely that the courts would deny a government entity its ability to levy taxes. Even the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare because Congress is allowed to levy taxes.

There are several measures already in place and several others being proposed across the country.

According to POLITICO,

Gun owners in and around Chicago last week started paying a new $25 tax on every firearm they purchase. In California, a statehouse panel on April 15 will hear testimony on a nickel-per-bullet tax measure, and in New Jersey, lawmakers want to slap an additional 5 percent sales tax on guns and ammo.

Of course, previous studies have shown that something like 1% of criminals in jail for gun crimes actually bought their guns through gun shops, so it’s obvious who these measures are aimed at. They are aimed at reducing the number of law abiding gun owners.

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