GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill That Would Limit Amount of Ammo That Can be Bought by Government

April 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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Yesterday we reported on the actual amount of ammo the DHS has purchased in recent months and has on hand. This information was the result of a Congressional hearing where it was found that the DHS has purchased 750,000,000 rounds of ammo recently (not all of that has been delivered yet though). This number is less than the 1.5 billion number that was reported by some websites over the last few months, but is still extremely high.

Now is reporting that Republican lawmakers will introduce a bill today which will limit the amount of ammunition the government can purchase over the next six months.

According to, the lawmakers introduced the legislation in order to not only reign in government overspending, but to make ammo more available to the general population once again.

The bill, authored by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R., Okla.), comes as numerous lawmakers across Capitol Hill have expressed concern that certain federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are stockpiling high quantities of ammunition.

“President Obama has been adamant about curbing law-abiding Americans’ access and opportunities to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Inhofe said in a statement provided to the Washington Free Beacon. “One way the Obama administration is able to do this is by limiting what’s available in the market with federal agencies purchasing unnecessary stockpiles of ammunition.”

“As the public learned in a House committee hearing this week, the Department of Homeland Security has two years worth of ammo on hand and allots nearly 1,000 more rounds of ammunition for DHS officers than is used on average by our Army officers,” Inhofe said. “The AMMO Act of 2013 will enforce transparency and accountability of federal agencies’ ammunition supply while also protecting law-abiding citizens access to these resources.”

“After hearing from my constituents about the shortage of ammunition in Oklahoma and the Department of Homeland Security’s profligate purchases of ammunition,” Lucas said in a statement. “We have introduced the AMMO Act of 2013 to curtail these purchases so Americans can exercise their Second Amendment rights without being encumbered by the federal government.”

With the overwhelming defeat of Dianne Feinstein’s semi auto ban legislation last week and if this bill were to pass, we might actually see prices get back down to normal.

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