BREAKING: Officers (aka Good Guys With Guns) Stopped Rifle Carrying Killer in Oregon High School

June 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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We are seeing multiple reports of an attempted mass shooting at Reynolds High School in suburban Portland, Oregon.

According to reports, the suspect was shot and killed after being cornered in bathroom by police before he could kill anyone else. It’s currently unclear if the suspect was shot and killed by police officers or if he took his own life once he was confronted with armed resistance.

It’s unclear if the suspect was confronted by a resource officer who was on scene, or a responding officer. Due to the speed at which the threat was neutralized it would seem to point to an on scene officer, or at least one who was very nearby.

There may be other injuries as reported by some news agencies. The Associated Press is reporting 1 other fatality other than the gunman on their Twitter account, but right now we don’t have a clear assessment of casualties.

Several media outlets are reporting that the suspect was carrying a semi-auto rifle.

This is the latest attempted mass shooting that was cut short by the involvement of a third party.

A suspect in a recent college shooting in Seattle was subdued by another student armed with pepper spray.

An armed suspect who attempted to take over a courthouse in Georgia was shot and killed by an armed Sheriff’s Deputy before he could even start his plan.

A pair of suspects in Las Vegas killed themselves shortly after encountering an armed concealed carrier after they killed two police officers. The concealed carrier was killed during the altercation, but police say he is a hero due to his actions.

The NRA first suggested that more trained, armed individuals in schools could stop mass shootings more effectively than responding officers. These latest cases prove the point that the faster a good guy with a gun can engage the bad guy with a gun, the faster the incident will be over.

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