Georgia School District Very Close to Placing AR-15’s in Schools

October 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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Earlier this year, a proposal was brought before the Gainesville, GA school district.

The proposal, originally brought up by law enforcement, would see an AR-15, specifically a Colt 6920 (good choice) placed in a safe in each school within the district. The rifle would be accessible only to the school’s resource officer.

The proposal was originally brought up following an analysis of the schools in the area. What was found was that due to the way many of the school’s were laid out, there were many long, open hallways, which would make it hard for law enforcement officers to engage a suspect using only a their standard issued sidearm.

The rifles would allow officers to be able to take longer shots more accurately and more safely.

So far, only 1 school in the district has voted on the issue, voting to support the initiative.

The other district schools are expected to vote on the issue in the coming weeks and the final decision will be made by the board of education.

The measure seems to have the support needed to pass.

According to The Gainesville Times,

The cost is expected to be around $6,000 for one rifle per school, plus a safe for each campus. The cost would be split by the police and the school system. The school’s $3,000 portion would come out of the system’s general fund budget, Superintendent Merrianne Dyer said.

That cost presumably includes the cost of the rifle, magazines, ammunition, the biometric safe and construction costs to place the safe securely in the school.

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