Georgia Mayor Seeks to Change Name of City Hall in Order to Ban Legally Carried Guns

June 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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I guess the mayor of Norcross, GA believes that certain names hold magical properties. In this case, the mayor is absolutely convinced that putting “Municipal Court” on a sign will instantly make the building that sits behind it safer.

Under Georgia’s new carry law, HB60, which is slated to take effect on July 1st, citizens who possess a weapons carry license will be able to carry into government buildings that do not have a security checkpoint.

According to 11Alive,

The name change is significant. Under the new law, guns are prohibited in courthouses with security checkpoints. But other government buildings like city halls are not afforded the same protection.

The Norcross City Hall and Municipal Courthouse are housed in the same building. Although there are separate entrances for each and only a security checkpoint outside municipal court.

“They are undermining the intent of the law,” Jerry Henry with [] said.

To be clear, nothing will actually be done to protect citizens inside of the non-secured areas of the building, and the name change will actually physically stop any criminal who wishes to carry a gun into City Hall.

The idea of the new law is that if the city/county is not willing to undertake providing physical security for citizens at government offices, then citizens should be able to protect themselves there. Of course, citizens should be able to carry there regardless, but anyway…

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