Georgia Governor Stands by State’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

July 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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319px-Nathan_Deal,_official_110th_Congress_photoWith the Zimmerman verdict now a few days behind us, the focus in the media and in politics is changing gears to focus on self defense laws, specifically, “stand your ground” self defense laws which exist in numerous states.

In at least one state, there is still support for such laws at the highest levels. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal voiced his support for Georgia’s version of “stand your ground” in a recent television interview.

According to WSBTV Deal said,

“Obviously, I am pleased at this point in time that we have not had any violent demonstrations. I think that says a lot about the folks who don’t agree with the jury verdict but nevertheless respect the processes and the rule of law as do I

I’m fairly sure that there will be somebody in the General Assembly who will ask us to at least revisit and look at the Stand Your Ground legislation that was passed in 2006,” Deal said. “I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in terms of that statute. It is very similar to the statute in other states, including the state of Florida.

It would be an issue that would be very emotionally charged if it comes before the General Assembly … I don’t see any reason to change it, but there again, that is the will of the General Assembly that will prevail on that issue”

Georgia passed the current self defense law in 2006.

Deal came under fire from some gun groups in Georgia earlier this year when his office failed to back a bill which would have made it legal for carry permit holders in Georgia to carry in more places and made the renewal process for carry permits quicker and easier.

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