Georgia County to Spend $344k on Body Armor for Firefighter and EMS Personnel

June 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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It seems that firefighters and EMS personnel will soon be getting body armor in Gwinnett County, GA.

According to a local report,

“The need for body armor and additional trauma equipment was identified following incidents like the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in December 2012,” Rutledge said in a press release. “In the majority of violent situations, fire and emergency medical personnel are forced to remain outside until law enforcement officers clear the building or hazard area.

“This consumes valuable time that is critical in accessing and treating victims who are still in the hazard zone. The armor provides adequate protection for firefighters as they work with police to quickly search for, remove, and treat victims.”

The cost of $344,714.50, which comes from the department’s operating budget, was approved Tuesday afternoon.

What are your thoughts? Necessary in this day and age or a waste of taxpayer money?

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