Gabby Giffords in Bed With Michael Bloomberg

July 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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Metaphorically speaking on the issue of gun control of course.

While some Democrats have criticized New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s heavy handed approach to gun control, at least one Democrat is praising him.

Fellow anti gunner Gabby Giffords said the following in an op-ed in Vanity Fair,

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in it for the long haul. When he might have focused on his own legacy and a post-mayoralty more about Bermuda than about background checks, he has instead chosen to work in partnership with gun owners like me and my husband, Mark, with sheriffs and police chiefs, and with veterans and moms and Americans from all over this country to protect our Second Amendment rights and keep our communities safer.”

I guess anti-gunners have to stick together.

Bloomberg has been under increased scrutiny and criticism recently for the actions of his anti-gun activist group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Earlier this year, the group took heat for including the names of criminals, notably one of the Boston Bombing suspects, in a list of “victims of gun violence”.

The group has also been in hot water for using New York City’s taxpayer funded resources in its lobbying efforts. Including hosting its websites on city web servers and using city paid employees for lobbying efforts in other states and at the national level.

The group has also had poor turnout at stops on its anti-gun bus tour, with pro gun protestors often outnumbering the anti-gun protestors.

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