From the UK: Axe and Gun Wielding Gangs Roam the Streets on Mopeds… Yeah

March 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s like Mad Max… except with mopeds and little axes… and it’s in London… it’s basically the same thing.

The UK is often touted as being the pinnacle of a gun free culture. Even many police officers in the UK don’t carry guns (although more and more police units are nowadays).

However, terrible things do happen in the UK, despite their extreme gun laws.

In this case, a gang of criminals armed with axes, at least one gun, some poisonois ammonia liquid and riding mopeds, attempted an armed robbery of a high end watch dealer in Mayfair (an area of London).

A brave security guard was able to lock the store down before the suspects could get inside, however he was sprayed in the eyes with a liquid, thought to be ammonia, being carried by one of the suspects.

According to The London Evening Standard,

They were foiled by a security guard, who managed to bring down the safety shutter as the gang sprayed what is believed to be poisonous liquid ammonia in his eyes.

Staff immediately pressed the panic button as the attackers tried to force their way into the shop which sells vintage and pre-owned luxury watches such as Rolexes and Cartier.

One of the robbers spraying passers-by who got too close with the noxious liquid.

After a few minutes the men, dressed in dark clothing and wearing crash helmets, sped away on their mopeds empty-handed, sending shoppers scattering.

You can try to outlaw legally owned firearms all you like. It’s simply not going to stop bad people from doing bad things.

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