Free Speech Advocate, Gun Owner, Kim Dotcom, Pulls 3D Gun Files From His File Hosting Site

May 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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Kim Dotcom is pretty much the last person you would expect to fold in the face of the United States Government. The eccentric internet millionaire has made his fortune running the site Mega Upload, where users can upload virtually any file and host it for free for download by others. The German native has repeatedly argued for free and uncensored information on the Net.

That is why it’s so surprising that site owner, and gun owner, currently living in New Zealand, and fighting extradition efforts by the US State department himself, would purposefully remove the files for the Liberator, the world’s first completely 3D printed gun from his website.

However, according to Techcrunch, that is exactly what he has done.

According to a statement issed to the tech blog,

“I think it’s a serious threat to the security of the community. I think it’s scary that people can print 3D guns that can’t even be detected by metal detectors. This should concern everybody,” said Dotcom, according to a statement emailed to [Techcrunch] by a spokesman.

Once again, the firing pin and ammunition used in the Liberator can easily be detected by a metal detector.

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