Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister – US Gun Culture is “Corrupting the World”

August 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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Chris-LaneAustralia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer had harsh words for American gun owners following the killing of Christopher Lane, an Australian college student attending school in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship.

According to NBC,

“The U.S. has chosen the pathway of illogical policy with regard to guns,” Australia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer said Friday. “They cannot expect not to have any criticism of it worldwide.”

“I am angry because it is corrupting the world, this gun culture of the United States.”

I guess blaming guns is a lot easier than blaming the culture that bred teenage individuals capable of committing such a crime.

According to Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow, psychiatrist,

So why would these three allegedly do this if it had nothing to do with boredom? Probably because Chris Lane, a strong man running the streets on a bright day, was as good a symbol as any of what they had lost: their humanity. They had lost the capacity to feel for others. They could not perceive the suffering of Lane during his death, nor of his family members after his death. They had lost that singular, defining human quality called empathy.

My 20 years as a forensic psychiatrist tell me that, in all three cases, it will be found that traumatic life events, perhaps coupled with head trauma, drug use and disordered brain chemistry from birth, left these young men detached from their own thoughts and feelings – and those of others. I would venture that on August 16, 2013, more than one of Chris Lane’s assailants was, for all intents and purposes, psychologically dead.

Based on some preliminary evidence, it also seems that the killing may have been gang related and/or motivated by race as well.

According to The Daily Caller, one of the accused teens posted racist tweets including the following on April 29,


I guess it’s easier to just blame an inanimate object rather than actually looking at the disturbing reasons that teenagers living in a Western country would possibly want to murder someone for sport.

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