FL Resident Who Shot Three Home Invaders, Killing Two, is Now Facing Drug Charges

October 9 2014
by GSL Staff
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While this is technically a defensive gun use, we’re not filing it in the database as one of our requirements is that the victim be a “law abiding gun owner”. In this case, it looks like the victim may have been involved in some illegal activities. While marijuana may be decriminalized in some states, Florida is not one of them.

Two would-be home invaders are dead and a third is in a Miami area hospital after being shot by their victim in a home invasion.

The victim in this case finds himself behind bars after police found 18 ounces of marijuana near the scene of the gunfight.

According to The Miami Herald,

Police said they found [Lazaro Gil] nearby a short while later, seated in his ex-girlfriend’s car. Also in the car: A Glock .380 handgun that Gil told the police he owned.

A subsequent search found another handgun behind the apartment that police said also belonged to Gil.

And on the roof of the townhouse, police said they found 514 grams, or just over 18 ounces of marijuana.

Gil was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and intending to sell the weed within 1,000 feet of a school. He was not charged with any of the shootings.

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