Fisherman in California Catches ATF Agent’s Gun and Badge in Lake

October 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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Yet another fishing story where the catch ended up being a firearm.

A fisherman at Castaic Lake in California was in for a bit of a surprise when he hauled in a backpack containing a handgun, a Dept of Treasury Badge, and a pager.

According to the LA Times,

California’s lingering drought has lowered the water level in Castaic Lake so dramatically that authorities said a fisherman on Thursday recovered a badge and handgun that a federal agent lost in the lake nearly 22 years ago.

Sheriff’s detectives say the water level at Castaic is down about 151 feet and that the shallow water finally exposed a backpack containing the gun and badge.

The original owner of the items, who is currently an ATF agent was tracked down. He said he lost the bag containing his valuables on a fishing trip with a friend some 22 years ago.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of guns showing up on fishing trips. Earlier this year an angler caught himself a nice AR-15, complete with optics.

Come one people, the losing your guns in boating accidents thing is supposed to be a joke.

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