Family of Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out In Favor of Guns, Remembers Shooting AR15 With Victim

October 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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When politicians, specifically anti-gun politicians, invoke the memory of the shootings in Newtown, CT, they usually mention the families of the victims.

They say things like, “We owe it to the families of the victims to pass more gun control laws,” or “We must honor the victims by getting these common sense measures passed.”

However, what if not all of the families want more gun control, or what if one of the victims was actually a gun enthusiast that enjoyed shooting an AR-15 with her family.

That is actually exactly the case.

According to The CT Post, one family is speaking out – IN FAVOR of guns.

“We’re very frustrated mainly because the 26 families got lumped together. We’re 26 families made of individuals that all have different opinions,” Hannah D’Avino said. “It’s like people are speaking for me and speaking for my sister. They don’t know her and they don’t know us.”

Paradis and D’Avino note that the only firearm-related injury or death in their family happened when Rachel was killed. She joined them in target shooting and was a good shot, they said.

Rachel D’Avino was killed at Sandy Hook. She was a staff member who worked as a behavioral analyst and specifically with autistic children. Rachel also came from a family of marksmen and gun enthusiasts.

Just weeks before the tragedy in Newtown, the family was actually shooting their own AR-15 at a family outing. They don’t let the way Rachel died mar their happy family memory.

The family is also speaking out on how the tragedy is being politicized,

Paradis and D’Avino said they aren’t opposed to any gun control. Instead of enacting new federal laws, Paradis said, existing federal laws should be enforced. They also didn’t support Connecticut’s new gun laws that were passed in April that widened the definition of “assault weapon.” That law has banned hundreds of guns by declaring illegal any gun with more than one military-style feature, including pistol grip, a fixed magazine of more than 10 rounds, or a collapsible stock.

“The shooter in Newtown didn’t use an assault rifle, he used an assault-style rifle. It’s much different. He could have used a much larger caliber, the same semi-automatic stuff and he could have done a lot more damage,” Paradis said. “But hey, we all had political agendas, didn’t we?”

“What am I going to do?” Paradis said. “I’m going to say I’m not for gun control. I’m not fitting the president’s agenda.” And neither, he and his stepdaughter believes, would Rachel.

It’s refreshing to see that despite going through something simply terrible, the family has managed to hang on to their American values.

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