Family of Intruder Who Was Killed by Homeowner Wants Homeowner “Charged With Something”

July 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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158fAF.AuHeEm.11Turlock, CA – This incident has been on our radar for about a week so far, but we’ve held off on reporting it as a defensive gun use as the facts are still coming in and the DA has yet to fully review the case.

However, there are a few interesting developments.

On Tuesday, July 22, Robin Boyer, 58, told police he found an intruder on his property who was stealing items. Boyer allegedly confronted the intruder, identified by family members as Brandon Pacheco, 25 (pictured). During the confrontation an altercation allegedly ensued which resulted in Pacheco being shot in the head with a shotgun by Boyer.

Based on Boyer’s story it sounds like a case of a homeowner defending himself and his property.

However, now Pacheco’s family is speaking out, saying he was a hard working young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the Modesto Bee,

“I don’t believe there was an altercation at all,” Brandon’s sister said. “I know that he would have just taken off. He’s never gotten in any fights in his life, never hurt anyone. I think this is wrong. He didn’t deserve to die. I think this man needs to pay for what he did.”

She even took to Facebook to express her outrage.

“He was a good hard working kid that never would hurt anybody and was unarmed, and viciously mowed down,” she posted on Facebook. “He had a lot of family and a lot of friends that loved him. And he was too young to die like this.”

The sister isn’t sure what she wants done, but she wants Boyer, the homeowner, to pay. Also according to the Bee,

“I want my brother back, but I can’t have him back. I hope that man gets charged with something.”

While the family’s comments might make it seem like Brandon was just a hard working kid who ended up on the wrong side of a gun, based on Brandon’s past it does seem likely he was doing more than taking his dirt bike for a ride.

According to The Turlock City News, Brandon was convicted of theft back in March. During that same incident, police found Brandon to be in possession of meth and he was undergoing court ordered classes for his drug problems. That seemed to be going well, until he was arrested again in early July on suspicion of burglary. Just a couple of weeks later is when he was shot and killed in the alleged incident mentioned above.

The district attorney is still reviewing the evidence in the shooting, and we’ll wait for his findings to see if this one will be classified as a defensive gun use or if we’ll be covering a long running trial.

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